2 de September de 2013

Expertise Areas


Strong participation of directors and managers in all the assignment steps is the main feature of NEXIA TEIXEIRA Auditores approach to auditing and consulting:

  • Assurance:

Examination of financial statements
Limited review of financial statements
Auditing for acquisition purposes
Operational auditing
Special audit of projects (multipurpose agencies, developments banks)
Auditing of cultural projects (Law Rouanet)
Auditing of prospects for the launching of financial instruments
Auditing of draws and contests

  • Litigation

Judicial, extra-judicial and arbitration
Technical reports and expert witnessing

  • Outsourcing of internal audit
  • Consulting

Corporate governance advisory
Business valuation
Projected cash flow
Project feasibility
Structuring of finance strategy
Strategic planning
Corporate restructuring
Tax advisory

  • IBG – International business group

Participation in supervisory councils and audit committees
Back office
Comprehensive assistance in foreign investments