3 de September de 2013

Tax and Corporate Planning

Maybe you ‘ve never thought safe ways to postpone the payment of taxes, nor collect what is due, not to calculate and collect erroneously, and reconcile tax obligations with the activities and economic and financial situation could bring many advantages to your company. With adequate tax planning, all this is possible through a preventive process that evaluates your company as a contributor of taxes within legal means feasible, seeking positive results where you saw only problems.

The Tax Planning can be inserted in the following business environments:

  • Where no levy of taxes such as income tax , IPI , ICMS , ISQN , COFINS , PIS , INSS , FGTS , IOF , CPMF and other;
  • with tax advisory limited to certain taxes or contributions;
  • where there are complex activities that enable studies of tax savings;
  • that is part of the economic group and there are transactions with subsidiaries/affiliates, and may also use the most varied processes to achieve tax savings;
  • gatherings with heavy taxes;

where there are possibilities of using instruments of split or consolidation to achieve tax savings;

And your company has the following advantages:

  • work of specialists in each tax;
  • have the external view of the company, which can identify errors in calculation and payments of taxes and contributions;
  • have permanently questioning and discussion opportunities to realize tax savings;
  • implement a preventive process in relation to payments of taxes and contributions;
  • anticipate enforcement through constant review;
  • bases of calculations of taxes and contributions;
  • in calculations of payments;
  • in terms of gatherings;
  • Fill in appropriate income statements, guides, books and other documents required by law;

In the case of finding errors, the correction can be preventative, eliminating the risk of fines and other penalties. Do not take risks or be surprised.