2 de September de 2013

NEXIA International

Local knowledge, global reach.

Nexia International is a leading global network of independent, high-quality accounting and consulting firms. We adapt to meet the business and accounting needs of organizations and individuals from a global perspective. Nexia International is one of the 10 largest independent auditing companies in the world, with a global headquarters in London and more than 20,000 teachers on six continents and more than 100 countries. The high standard of quality is part of the value policy shared by all members of Nexia, in this sense, we are recognized for accuracy.

  • Working together, our member firms:
  • Local knowledge and connections everywhere in the world.
  • Continuous consulting.
  • Low cost services designed to meet all your business and financial needs.
  • Consistent quality and services of excellence.
  • Proven track record.

“As President, I am very proud of consistent service quality, our global base is at the heart of everything we do at NEXIA INTERNATIONAL.” Norbert Neu, president of Nexia International.