18 de September de 2013

Audit of non-governmental organization

  • The NEXIA TEIXEIRA Auditors is responsible for all projects of the Inter -American Foundation – IAF in Brazil today involving audit of more than 40 projects / partnerships spread throughout Brazil . It is a foundation subject to the U.S. Government that allocates resources to Brazil to be invested in social and environmental projects . Grantees receiving these resources are nationally renowned entities such as: Acesita Foundation SA Foundation The Apothecary, FIRJAN , Ethos , etc.
  • The NEXIA TEIXEIRA Auditors is also in Brazil, one of the three audits accredited by the United States Agency for International Development – USAID to conduct financial audit services for projects sponsored by the same. The same way the IAF, USAID is an entity subject to U.S. Government allocates resources to Brazil to be applied to projects in health and education
  • In Minas Gerais NEXIA TEIXEIRA Auditors was chosen to carry out the project titled PROMATA – MG which aims to protect the rainforest exists in the State . The resources for this project were donated by a German Bank , these resources in the order of 6 million Euros .
  • The NEXIA TEIXEIRA Auditores also was hired to audit the lines of this proposal for Bhtec due to various Terms of Partnership executed the same for the construction of the Technological Park of Belo Horizonte .
  • The NEXIA TEIXEIRA Auditores was hired by Bovespa for auditing social projects aimed at protecting the environment .
  • Our team has extensive experience in auditing the use of funds donated by companies based in Rouanet ( tax incentives ) with the imprint of encouraging cultural projects , such as Grupo Corpo Dance .
  • In addition , the auditors NEXIA TEIXEIRA , participates as responsible for auditing several charities that routinely are accountable for Curatorial Foundations and other control agencies for the purpose of renewal of certificates of philanthropy, etc.
  • The NEXIA TEIXEIRA Auditores has joined the CAEX – General Register of External Audits Independent , which allows us to perform audit Terms of Partnership signed between the State of Minas Gerais and private entities .
  • In Brazil , we are the auditors of the HSBC Water Project .

Anyway , our firm is a national reference in the provision of audit services in social, environmental , etc., Whose resources come from international capital. If it is of interest to V.Sas . , We present the certificates of technical services referred to above , which can prove the capacity and expertise of our work .